The Ranee of Sarawak Gift Gallery

Quality. Originality. Unique in every way.

Those words perfectly describe the brand that is The Ranee of Sarawak.

Under her mantle, the Ranee of Sarawak embodies the best Sarawak has to offer, from exquisite hand-made crafts sourced from talented artisans all over the state to fine designer garments, exquisite jewellery, vibrant works of art, stunning homewares and much more.

You can be assured that any item that bears the name, The Ranee of Sarawak, has been carefully chosen, the collection strictly curated to reflect and represent Sarawak at her most beautiful.

The Ranee of Sarawak Gift Gallery was opened in 2012.  The 2nd standalone Gift Gallery is now open at 27 Wayang Street,  it retails exclusive local handmade souvenirs, arts & crafts, jewelleries and other retro collectibles. The Ranee Gift Gallery supports individual artisans and the underprivileged community by their involvement in producing gifts for us. In doing so we hope that the sales of these items will encourage and benefit them, in return encouraging the production of crafts as a sustainable livelihood.